Banquet des Savans, par Athenee,
Traduit, tant sur les Textes imprimes, que sur plusieurs Manuscrits, Par M. LEFEBVRE DE VILLEBRUNE. ---- Pour nous, qui ne pouvons lus consulter qu'une tres-petite des Auteurs alegues par Athenee, et qui ne tronvons que danas son livre cent particularites curieuses dont il parle, nous regardons sa compilation comme un tresor tres-precieux. BAYLE, Dict. ---- A PARIS, Chez LAMY, Libraire, quai des Augustines, no. 26. DE L'IMPRIMERIE DE MONSIEUR. M.DCC.LXXXIX. AVEC APPROBATION, ET PRIVELEDGE DU ROI. Five Volumes -- Tomes 1-4 dated 1789. Tome 5 dated 1791.
FIRST EDITION. 4to. TOME.1 Frontispiece. Title page. 1-504 [3] TOME.2 Half-title. Title page. 1-537 misprinted as 503 [3] TOME 3. Half-title. Title page. 1-563 [4] TOME 4. Half-title. Title page. 1-561 [4] TOME 5. Half-title. Frontispiece. first title page -- OEUVRES D' ATHENEE ou Le Banquet DES SAVANS. A PARIS, Chez LAMY, Libraire, quai des Augustines, no. 26. M.DCC.XCII. 2nd Title page. with date M.DCC.XCII. The first four title pages have the date - M.DCC.LXXXIX. [i-x] 1-562. All volumes in quarter bottle green calf with green mottled paper boards, calf corners and gilt lines. Spines have raised bands, tome number and gilt lettering. A little wear to the boards, and very clean and crisp internally. Overall a handsome and very scarce set.
- Jean Baptiste Lefebvre de Villebrune's (1732-1809) effort at the first serious translation into French of Athenaeus's Greek classic about eating habits. Athenaeus [fl.3rd century], in particular, presents the Greek and Oriental kitchens in all their aspects, and with his marvelous erudition, proves himself a Burton of Gastronomy- the most accomplished Master of Feasts that antiquity has produced. The book is a symposium held by 21 artists, writers, musicians and surgeons, discussing all things, which according to Greek custom, should adorn a banquet. The names of the most famous gastronomes and of the most celebrated cooks are recorded. The virtues and qualities of wines are the subjects of long discourses. Table ornaments and decoration are also covered -- (Ben Kinmont. Cat.2. 2000.) Kinmont also notes that Lamy published another edition of 4 volumes only, in the same year, but with vingettes. This set, although five instead of four volumes, also has the beautiful vingettes. A very desirable set. A rare recording of gastronomic history.

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