Bocuse.   Paul     - Signed book and signed menu.
The New Cuisine.
Title in a red printed border. Translated by Colette Rossant and Lorraine Davis. Hart Davis, Macgibbon. GRANADA PUBLISHING London Toronto, Sydney and New York.
FIRST ENGLISH EDITION 1977. (First French edition 1976). 250x180x60mm. 4to. Paste-down and end-paper with Bocuse’s menu. [1] Half-title with an old-paper planche with Bocuse’s signature dated 1993. [2] Frontispiece of a coloured photograph of Bocuse in his restaurant dining room. Title page in orange paper. 1p Printers ISBN. 1p Dedication. [1] 1p Contents. [1] 2p Forward by Colette Rossant. 1p About the Author. [1] (1)xiv-xix Introduction by Paul Bocuse. [1] (1)xxii-xxiv Cooking Techniques. (3)4-672. All the pages in red and black text. 1p General Index. [1] (1)676-695. [1] 1p Index of French Recipe Titles. [1] (1)700-711.[2] End paste-down and end-paper with Bocuse’s menu. Red cardboard hard cover and spine with white label. As new d/w. As new inside and out.
- Paul Bocuse was born on February 11th, 1926 in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or; his restaurant is in that same house today. The Bocuse family of millers and restaurant proprietors, have lived in this part of France since 1634. Bocuse always returns to his beloved market in nearby Lyons. Bocuse’s father, also a chef, made the grand tour, serving as an apprentice in many of the most celebrated restaurants in France, before settling in Collonges and taking over the restaurant of his grandfather. In 1941 his son, young Paul, was apprenticed to one of his father’s friends, Claude Maret in Lyons. Paul was soon caught up in the WW11 and wounded. When the war ended, he quickly won a place at the renowned 3 star establishment of 'La Mere Brazier' outside Lyons. From there he moved to another of his father’s friends, the famous Fernand Point at his 3 star restaurant 'La Pyramide' at Vienne, and then to complete his education, taking another 3 star post at the 'Restaurant Lucas Carton'. Finally, in 1959, he succeeded his father at Collonges, and in only two years he won his first star, and at the same time the accolade of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Cuisinier. A second star followed in 1962 and a third in 1965. In February of 1975 Bocuse was made a member of the Legion d’Honneur by President Valery Giscard d Estaing in recognition of his services as an ambassador of French cuisine. (This follows a historic French gastronomic occasion when August Escoffier was the first Chef recognised and promoted to an Officier de la Legion d’Honneur at the Orsay Palace on March 22nd 1928). On this occasion Bocuse also prepared the official dinner at the Elysee Palace. Bocuse was one of the leading exponents of ‘la nouvelle cuisine’, the new style of French cooking which combines traditional French culinary knowledge with the modern innovation that allows it to keep its unique position in world cooking and cuisines. The uniqueness is also helped by the recognition and awarding of the highest French honours being bestowed on these lauded craftsmen.

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