1831 - 1931 CADBURY BOURNVILLE. By T. B. Rogers. Editor of the Bournvile Works Magazine.
Slim 4to. 254 x 192 x 9mm. 1fep. with a single Compliment sheet from Cadbury. Title page. On verso the Contents. A Forward, dated March 26th 1931. On verso a Photograph of Bournville Works, circa the early 30's. 5 - 87. p88. Bournville growth chart. (1) 1fep. Cardboard covers in Blue and Black. Back cover in white and black. Very clean. In fine condition. Also enclosed. ITEM 2. 10p Sales catalogue for Supex Ltd. of 222 Cork St. London. By Appointment to H.M. GEORGE V. Very clean.
- A very interesting hundred years of history celebrated, from the very humble beginnings of the mighty Cadbury chocolate company. Initially in 1831, the young Quaker, John Cadbury, started out as a tea and coffee dealer at 93 Bull Street, Birmingham, UK. He was the first to install plate-glass windows so that passers-by could see better, his display of Teas, Coffee and Cocoa Nibs. Inside, the counter was manned by a regal Chinaman in the full Chinese glory of his native costume. It seems John Cadbury had a full quota of sales and marketing instincts and skills early in his business life. The book charts the full rise of the company in wonderful detail with black and white and colour pictures and charts and drawings. There is a lot of sympathetic acknowledgement of all who worked and helped to grow the company. From a full page of 12 black and white photographs of the key pioneers of those early days to the last page, where in 1928 we see the visit to the factory of Sir Ofori Atta, Paramount Chief of the African Gold Coast province of Akim Abuaka, where cocoa was one of the main crops. There is also acknowledgement that the company was an important influence on the future sovereign state of Ghana. This beautiful company history book is a fine example of what it takes, and for how long, to build a large global brand. Fascinating.!

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