ANON:       - A scarce recipe book for use of Isinglass.
FOURTEENTH EDITION. (a small single line) A HANDY GUIDE ON WHAT TO BUY; WITH RECIPES AND HINTS FOR PREPARING ALL KINDS OF PUDDINGS, PIES, JELLIES, ETC., TOGETHER WITH ADVICE AS TO THE DESCRIPTION AND QUALITIES OF ARTICLES TO BE USED. (a small single line) CONTENTS. Preface p3. Jellies and Creams. p5. Pastry p11. Cakes and Biscuits p13. Puddings p18. Preserves p26. Savoury and Aspic Jellies. ALSO a Fifteenth edition. (see the 2nd image below). It has 40p instead of the previous 32p.
Slim 8vo. Circa 1849. 204 x 136mm. The nicely illustrated front cover similar to the text of the title page with the addition of LONDON: PUBLISHED BY G.P. SWINBORNE & CO., 33 & 34, ST. ANDREWS HILL, E.C. 1891. Blue paper with desserts arranged around flower-and-fruit centrepiece on front [1] First page - the verdict of the Judgment [sic] of the Lord Chief Justice on November 16th 1888 found in favour of Swinborne's refined Isinglass. 2nd Page Confirming Swinborne's Patent for Gelatine and Isinglass. Title page. p4. An advertisement for Isinglass. p5. Preface to the fourteenth Edition. 4-32. Inside of back cover; Index. Back cover blank. 2nd ITEM. JCCat records this 15th Edition published in 1892. Other 15th editions were published 1897 and another of 1900. Only the invalid recipes on pages 33-40, written by Lady Constance Eleanora Caroline Howard, are new to this edition and presumably the two that came later. Both items in good condition considering their delicate construction.
- A nice company production from Messrs Swinborne, that produces Isinglass which is a pure form of Gelatine. The best kinds came from Brazil and Russia. Isinglass is a key ingredient in the classic Russian Salmon dish with boiled Eggs, Rice and Mushrooms wrapped in a Croute of Brioche. Once cooked it has Isinglass poured inside the croute. This dish would have been a natural development over time by Russian cooks as the best and most common Isinglass (a form of collagen) was produced from Sturgeon. Nowadays Isinglass is rare and very good Gelatine is widely available made from pigs and cows skin and bones. From the UC.Davis. Robert Mondavi institute for Wine and Science, online, we can find some bibliographical facts about the different editions: 1st edition 1879. BMCat cites "Universal cookery series. No. 1. Pastry-cook and confectioner... A handy guide on what to buy", London: L. Emanuel, 1879, pages 32. This may well be the first edition 7th edition of 1882. G. P. Swinborne and Co's name does not appear in the title of the seventh edition as it does in the title of later editions Another edition 1887. CBCat. cites a 32-page edition published in 1887.

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