Adria.   Ferran     - Signed by the Author.
The Family Meal.
Home Cooking with Ferran Adria. Phaidon printer's device at the bottom of the Page.
FIRST UK EDITION. 2011. 297 x 220 x 30mm. 1 fep with a tipped in planche with a fine border and signed by F. Adria, pour Bobby. Dated 22.11.11. Title page. [1] Second Title Page. [1] p8 Third Title Page. Verso with a Frontis of Adria. 7-375. [1] 377-379 Glossary. 380-383 Index. 1fep. A thick white well decorated hardcover. In very good condition - as new.
- A very different book of cookery. Composing of 31 full three course meals. Every meal has a full ingredients list, a double page picture of all each of the 3 recipes laid out, also a fully timed preparation list. Also incredibly with the quantities needed for 2 - 6 - 20 & 75 pax. Then each course has a full complement of photographs showing the cooking steps and each image with directions. This is a wonderful book if someone cooks each of the 93 recipes they will have a very good personal repertoire. This is not as extra-ordinary as it sounds. I have never seen before, a book of cookery recipes that are so precise. To use a modern expression; it's a no-brainer.

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